The Longden Doors Process

From Inspiration to Installation


Measurement & Planning

Customised Design

Ordering & installation

Service & Support


Every Longden doorset is created to fulfil the vision and requirements of each individual client. While some customers know exactly what they’re looking for, others find it useful to start by defining their favoured styles and designs via inspiring images of doorsets that they have seen in exclusive homes, hotels or even conservation and heritage buildings. Our website includes examples of Longden projects created for customers around the world.

As a bespoke producer of beautiful hand finished solid wood doorsets and architectural joinery we can create any style of door to suit your project including panelled, boarded or glazed. Longden also produces a catalogue where customers can browse through examples of our styles, including Sheraton, Chippendale, Copeland, Hepplewhite and Churchill where security and style go hand in hand. The next step is usually to contact or meet with a representative of Longden so that we can share with you the wide range of materials, mouldings, finishes and panel designs that are available. During these meetings our designers can get a sense of the customer’s preferences and their project parameters.

Measurement and Planning

After the first meeting, the Longden representative or designer will begin to develop an outline, which will enable designer and client to collaborate on ideas in a value adding and timely manner. Longden designers are specialists in interior planning and aesthetics and take a holistic approach to the process of design, taking into account the client needs as well as the possibilities of the space. Understanding the shape and layout of the project space is fundamental to producing a door design that will satisfy a customer’s needs and of course, Longden doors and all architectural joinery is bespoke and made to measure so that every centimetre of space is considered and thoughtfully used.

At Longden we are set up to assist designers at every step of the way whether by assisting with specifications, door schedules or samples. All this provides the foundation to a door set and associated architectural joinery that looks wonderful, is functional and a pleasure to use.

Customised Design

The process of choosing the solid wood Longden doorset, the type of wood, style, colors and finish is all part of the pleasure of ownership. Longden Doors are hand made using mortise and tenon construction methods. Design details also make a big difference to the ease of use a customer will experience with their doors, from the ironmongery and accessories that maximize functionality to the ancillary items such as dado rails, architraves, skirting, plinth blocks and screens.

The majority of our doors are bespoke sizes that we then customize to your specific requirements, for example, fire rated doors, acoustic doors to your cinema room, steel reinforced security doors for your main entrance door, panic room or even wine room. As part of the Longden service, the designer will create technical CAD drawings of the chosen doorset design for the client, architect and interior designer to review. The process of design and evaluation from mood board to finished design continues all the way to the craftsmen beginning to produce your hand made doorset.

Knowledge of wood, its capabilities, constraints and how to work it, is at the core of good door design.  Longden designers, many of who are time served joiners and wood craftsmen, have the training and experience to make the best use of all the different types of wood available throughout the world. Harmonizing your bespoke solid wood door with the full potential of the Longden range of architectural joinery, ironmongery and accessories comes as second nature to our craftsmen and designers.

Ordering and Installation

Once every aspect of the doorset, architectural joinery and iron mongery has been agreed, full and accurate specifications are sent to the customer for final approval prior to being released into production in Sheffield, England. Every doorset we make is bespoke and is built at the factory to ensure absolute accuracy to the plan when installed. Longden is available for advice and guidance during every aspect of the project from design through to final handover. Longden can also work closely with client-appointed installers if desired.

A Lifetime of Service and Support

Every Longden doorset, every piece of architectural joinery and ironmongery that we supply is made to exacting standards to give the owner a lifetime of service and Longden can be counted on to give a lifetime of support.