Longden doors recognises that working conditions, which are safe and promote good health are vital to achieving business excellence. We therefore aim to conduct our business in a way that presents minimum risk of injury or ill health to our colleagues, suppliers, visitors or customers so far as reasonably practicable, and gives rise to no damage to our plant, equipment, materials or any other property as a result of accidents, fires or dangerous occurrences.

This is a process of continuous improvement which relies primarily on the systematic identification, assessment and control of hazards and risks, underpinned by awareness of relevant legislation, other requirements and best practice. Additionally the Company via its subscription to OHSAS 18001: 2007 will set yearly objectives, and measure their achievements through regular inspections, audits and the thorough investigation of accidents and incidents.

To this end, the Company will:

As a minimum comply with all relevant statutory legislation, and always look towards best practice.
Provide a working environment that presents a minimal risk to health.
Ensure all plant and equipment is proactively maintained to ensure its safe use.
Take all reasonable steps to prevent accident, illness or injury.
Provide safety equipment and personal protective equipment when necessary and enforce its use.
Have a formal Management System that continues to meet the requirements of the OHSAS 18001: 2007 Standard.

We recognise that it is essential to encourage a proactive safety and health culture by establishing a partnership for prevention between the organisation, our colleagues, suppliers and customers, ensuring active participation in health and safety issues through discussion and open communication.

Senior Managers and Supervisors will give a positive lead in health and safety matters; however, everyone within the organisation is required to co-operate with each other to enable objectives to be met. It’s everyone responsibility to ensure they personally are fully aware of their responsibilities with regards to matters of health and safety, and appreciate that full co-operation is essential.

It should be clearly understood that health and safety is extremely important to us and forms a vital corner stone to the Company’s continued growth and success.

The organisation and arrangements for implementing this policy are set out in the Health and Safety Management System Manual, available via the intranet and on request.

This policy shall be reviewed annually for continued adequacy.

Download and view our Health & Safety Certificate » (Adobe PDF)