As a business we set high standards of environmental performance across all our manufacturing sites and work closely with our supply chain to play our part in conserving the world’s natural resources.

In order to minimise our impact on the environment, we have developed an ISO 14001 Environmental Management System designed to continuously improve our environmental performance.

In particular:

We meet and, where practical, exceed all legislative, regulatory and other requirements, which apply to our business and our Environmental aspects.

We work with our timber suppliers to meet the requirements of FSC and the government endorsed CPET environmental timber purchasing policy.

We promote, wherever possible, those products which contribute to conservation of resources and energy and are committed to reduction of our Co2 and GHG.

We are working to find better ways of reducing waste, while improving the recycling and reuse of waste that we generate.

We are committed to the prevention of pollution in all forms and are reducing air pollution, particularly from our boiler plants. We ensure that effluent discharges are minimised and the possibilities of accidental water pollution are eliminated.

We aim to continually improve the environmental performance of the company by setting clear objectives, targets and supporting programmes.

We are raising awareness and understanding of the company’s environmental policy and its implications to all persons who work for and on behalf of the company.

We encourage an open and ongoing dialogue with those individuals or organisations that have a bona fide interest in the company’s activities and shall make available information on our environmental performance on a regular basis.

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