Generations of tradition and craftsmanship breathe life into every Longden door.

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Our Early Growth

Longden’s tradition of quality which had its origins in the 19th century continues into the 21st with doors of remarkable beauty, doors fit to grace some of the finest building projects of our age.

The original Sheffield-based Longden company grew to become one of the top ten building and civil engineering contractors in 19th century Britain. With endless prestigious contracts in Sheffield, including The George Hotel, the City Hall and the Prudential Assurance Company, Longden always considers traditional, apprentice-based craftsmanship and the development of skills as its major strength.

A Proven Record

As the architectural joinery and the production of high quality, solid timber panelled doors flourished, Longden moved away from the contractor business in 1978. Today, our tradition of combining time-honoured skills with modern techniques to meet modern, exacting performance standards continues, and it is the Longden name that has remained and is enshrined on our present-day range of beautiful handmade doors.

The Longden range of hardwood door sets combines the highest quality of traditional craftsmanship with the performance levels needed to meet today’s technical criteria.

A Future as Solid as Our Doors

In an ever-changing marketplace, where the demands of the construction industry continue to grow, there is one company perfectly placed to meet those demands thanks to a combination of the highest joinery standards, many years experience and manufacturing excellence. Established in 1838, Longden continues to manufacture bespoke door sets at its site in Sheffield, having forged a reputation for quality, service and innovation.

Traditional Integrity & Modern Standards

The Longden solid timber, bespoke panelled door set range has been gracing some of the UK’s finest buildings for well over a hundred years. Many of our historic listed buildings have relied on Longden’s traditional craftsmanship and expertise to maintain and preserve their heritage. Longden has maintained traditional joinery practises but at the same time manufactures to current British Standards. This website demonstrates what the Longden bespoke door sets range can offer, but the real inspiration for your project will come from you, the designer working with us to achieve your aims.